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An ENTJ Company
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Lantevasin Sales Enablement is a global consultancy that specialises in working with organizations to help them achieve commercial success. 

We provide interim VP Sales, Commercial Operations and Enablement services that employ best practices to propel sales and customer success teams.

Our Background

We are seasoned sales professionals that embrace the spirit of the 'Antevasin'  - 'Scholars' that live in the site of multiple worlds, we are a team of ENTJ's that facilitate positive sales and commercial transformations via consulting and the deployment of practical, real solutions to 'move the needle' in your sales organisation. Whether it be running and focusing your sales team, analysing the barriers to success, commission plans, sales enablment programs, partner/chanel strategy, business intelligence / data analystics review, CRM or LMS implementation or sales training.

We are driven by our committment and passion to see others succeed


What We Do


    Specialising In                                            Focusing On                                Delivering Solutions That