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We At Lantevasin our goal is to have a community of uniquely talked people globally, that are are dedicated to deliverying the highest quality of work in the world, keeping in line with our core values of: Openess, Honesty, Transperancy, Fairness, Trust, Tolerance and 'Giving Back'.

Our team is focuses on not on meeting our clients' requirements, but exceeding them with a level of quality and service that is 'Best in Class'. GREAT Customer Experience is our heart; our core; our life.

Working for Lantevasin, will be nothing like you have ever experienced. A true global working environment, taking best practices across the world to ensure our People are the Happiest People in the world.

Happy People, Make Happy Customer, Make Happy Organisations



Career Opportunities

If you are interested in working for a dynamic working environment with an Open, Honest and Transperant Ethos, Apply Now!

We pride ourselves on our treatment of our number one asset: Our People.

Please Note:

All of our roles require extensive Global experience and you must have the following:

  • Lived in more than 2 countries for a period of at least 5 years in each country.
  • Carry a current passport
  • Have no issues with working hours as the jobs require, as our clients are located all over the world.Yes, this does mean meetings at 3am, as required.
  • Have no issues with travelling globally.
  • Be well versed on cultural issues and how to conduct business globally.


Business Analyst

Grade Level: 4

This senior level job involves working within an organisation, identifying areas that need improving or updating, and then finding solutions to any problems using computers to carry out intensive research and deep analysis.

Investigating a company’s activities to make them more efficient, business analysts play a key role by testing systems and providing competitive commercial solutions. This can involve inventing new systems or revamping existing areas of the business, such as payment, stock control or dispatching processes.

Other duties and responsibilities of the role include:

  • Task analysis and evaluating surveys and workshop results.
  • Document any identified required changes, and communicate them to the relevant third parties/colleagues.
  • Using IT resources at an advanced level to create IT solutions, enabling organisations to better meet their goals.
  • Advising senior management.
  • Training staff in how to use the new systems.

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