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Global Go-To-Market Strategy

"Two lands separated by a common language.... and that is just the beginning"

We live in a global world and with the power of technology the ability to 'technically' go global is much easier, but the reality of going global is far different.

Different languages, different laws, different cultures, different ethos and approaches. Going global can be the best, but the most challenging adventure an organisation can go on.

Our team of global consultants, can assist you and de-risk an organisations decision to go global.


Global Readiness Audit

We perform a global audit to look at all functions of the business to have a deep understanding of where you are at in the maturity curve of going global and recommendations of enhancements your business needs to make to be prepared to go global.

Cultural Awareness Training

Through our interactive workshop we will work with you to help create your Mission and Vision statement.  Mission and Visions can change based on market movements, cultural changes and acquisitions, and this workshop ensure that the company comes together, with a united from on where you are at and where you are going.

Going Global Awareness Training and Coaching

Doing business in a foreign land can be just that .... foreign. Blindly naive and blissfully unaware we can accidentally wreak havoc and alienate team members, colleagues and peers..... Even what would appear to be the most similar of lands and languages are yet so different. Cultural awareness is critical if you are looking to do business globally.

Global Recruitment Services

Hiring globally can be challenging and hiring the right staff is critical. The laws are different in each country and organisations must understand what the pro's and con's are at a country level as well as ensure they are hiring the right people to develop their expanding markets.

Go-To- Market Strategy 

Having the right strategy is critical. Do you really know what you are getting in to in a foreign market? Before you make large investments in setting up an entity abroad, our consultants will do an assessment and Go-To-Market Strategy to ensure you have the information you need to make insightful decisions.