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Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas is a certified Talent Dynamics life coach, focusing on the power of finding your natural flow to be the best 'you'

With over 25 years of global corporate experience spanning the financial services and IT industry. Her passion is helping people finding and focusing on their true essence to be the best in their role and life.

Her work helps build teams at all levels in addition to help assure that you are hiring the right people for the right roles, through Talent Dyanmics Profiling.

A few words from Helen...

“When you follow your flow, you find yourself".

Flow is your natural and effortless self. where you are in wholeness and harmony using your natural talents working on tasks you love without any concept of time.


When in flow you are focussed and motivated and have a real sense of enjoyment, productivity rises and you make a mental shift to doing what you love.

I use Talent Dynamics, an amazing set of resources, to help clients identify their different values, achieve a better understanding of each other, enabling them to achieve remarkable results and solutions, whether it be in their personal  or business environment

Talent Dynamics is the #1 development pathway to developing trust and flow. Created by Roger James Hamilton, Talent Dynamics is an extension of Wealth Dynamics – a unique personality profiling system.  These tools empowers individuals and business’s alike by working from the principle that we each have an underlying talent that, when allowed to shine, creates extraordinary results.

From Our Debrief Consultation You Will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your core Talents, Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Understand your Thinking and Action Dynamics for more effectiveness
  • Identify Challenges, Distractions and Opportunities
  • Discover how to increase your Value and Leverage your Talent more effectively for greater success
  • Learn how to operate from a place of Flow more consistently


     Helen Thomas - Life Coaching and Team Profiling & Building Practice Director