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Customer Voices

We greatly value our Client Relationships!  All of our Clients: Current, Prospective; Partners; Employees; Colleagues; EVERYONE who has engaged with us is at the heart of our success.  



Lisa worked with us to develop a programme 
that suited the needs of our organisation, creating an innovative and well structured delivery plan.

nichola kelly


"Lisa is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever worked with. Her capacity for work and intellectual ability allows her to swiftly analyse complex situations with rare insight. There is no one more diligent, committed and loyal to the cause of driving for perfection and success."
Stuart Pocock


"I have to say that I have worked with Lisa for the last two years and have found her to be a very supportive and inspirational. In the demanding world of Online Tax Solutions she has always listened to ideas that are outside the box and effective to the clients needs and ultimately made the difference as a Solutions Director.If I had the opportunity to work with her again, I would find this both a privilege and an exciting challenge. I wish her all the success in her new role J.B"

Jonathan Bennett


"Lisa hired me and I have been working for her for over 1 year. Lisa has been very instrumental in my career development. Although I had no previous experience in the information industry, her ability to train and develope people has lead me to becoming one of top sales reps at CCH. She is an inspirational and dynamic leader who 'gets the job done'. She has always been happy to spend time with me and has helped me tremendously through complex deals and client situations. I truly enjoy working for Lisa and would work for her in any organisation. One aspect to Lisa which is very unique is her ability to make the job not only interesting and exciting, but enjoyable and fun. She has been an amazing support figure in my professional life. Her experience and knowledge of the industry is 'bar none' and she is truly a leader in her field. I consider myself very fortunate to work for Lisa and have benefitted tremendously from her experience, on many levels. One of Lisa's key strengths has been not only her leadership of her team, but also her ability to identify key business issues that are causing hinderances to the sales force from a sales operations standpoint. From this identifications she has then been able to create and implement effective solutions that have greater enhanced the performance of the team. Without this ability, we would have not achieved the success we have"
Hannah Bridger


"I have worked with Lisa and CCH for a few years now, she has been an absolute delight to work with, her ability to spot talented individuals regardless of background, mixed with drive and passion in selling and belief in her and her companies ability, made my life very easy. With successful hires and longevity in the employees Lisa took to CCH from PMA she is in short ‘the perfect client’. I could ask anyone of Lisa’s team and each and everyone would have nothing but praise for ability to deliver on strategy, operations and sales. Would I work for Lisa Muller.... an unequivocal yes!!"
Graham Lewis

"I had the pleasure of working with Lisa at Mitratech on our expansion into the EMEA marketplace. She is one of the most dynamic sales/commercial team leaders and contributors I have ever worked with. Her understanding of the EMEA market and her adaptability to learning new products and how to apply them to the Legal and Compliance industry is unmatched!"

Gary K. Foreman

"Lisa is a one-woman sales force and among the best, if not the best, sales professionals that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She works tirelessly at understanding the needs of clients and is extraordinarily energetic and proactive in matching those needs to solutions. She also excels at building relationships with prospects and uncovering new opportunities with business partners at industry events. Lisa is a rare find and I wholeheartedly commend her to organizations seeking to go beyond what they think is possible."
Scott M. Giordano, Esq., CFE, GSEC-G, CISSP, CIPP


"Lisa is a go-getter unlike any I know. One of Mitratech's few EMEA-based representatives, she works continuously around the clock, addressing her clients' concerns during local business hours and following up on those needs with U.S support resources during our own. She is the picture of initiative: demanding and deserving of the best that her teammates can offer, and always sure to give the same in return."
Daniel de Juan


"It has been a great pleasure working with Lisa who joined Mitratech to head off our EMEA team. She has shown complete competence, committment and dedication to launch and execute Mitratech EMEA for the legal market. She has been working very hard to ensure the sucess of Mitratech EMEA by reaching out and gathering resources while on the other side of the globe. I highly recommend Lisa any time."
Vikas Malhotra

zars media

"Lisa is a brilliant, idea oriented leader. She is intelligent, insightful and is simply fun to work with. Nobody works harder or takes more initiative, I look forward to working with her for years to come."

british gas

"Lisa has the ability to identify issues from a clients perspective and drive things forward, she is both trustworthy and diligent. Lisa is a cross between a sales person, project manager and IS expert"


"Lisa is a professional, driven and accomplished enterprise sales leader. I have learnt a great deal from her. Lisa excels in business meetings where she immediately assures the client of her integrity and commitment to understand and assist with their most pressing pain points. A great team player and leader, with a will win attitude!"

Paul Lloyd-Smith, BSc (Hons), GRCP