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Our Belief in People

We believe that People are the Foundation of Success at an organisation.

Happy People make Happy Customers which ensures a Happy Healthy Sustainable Organisations.




Latentevasin provides a wide variety of services as it relates to People Development, from Coaching to Training.

All programmes are bespoke to meet the needs of the individual and/or organisation.



Team - Sales Skills and Assessment Audit

We will take the time to meet with, shadow and interview each member of your sales team and all corresponding supporting members and conduct independent assessment of where your team is, what is working when and 'even better if'.

Sales Team and Individual Training Programmes

Whether you are new in sales or a seasoned sales professional, training is critical to one's ongoing success. All of our programmes our bespoke and we can work with your current sales methodology or create a bespoke methodology based on your organisations' requirements.

Global Cultural Awareness - Coaching and Training

Doing business in a foreign land can be just that .... foreign. Blindly naive and blissfully unaware we can accidentally wreak havoc and alienate team members, colleagues and peers..... Even what would appear to be the most similar of lands and languages are yet so different. Cultural awareness is critical if you are looking to do business globally.

Customer Experience Training Programmes

Long gone are the days where treating a customer poorly was kept under wraps and didn't impact your business. Today, with the evolution of social media and technology, it is critical that your customer receive a great customer experience and that everyone in your organisation understands what delivering a great customer experience is, as well as the impact of great and poor customer experience.

Sales Leadership Training Programmes

Sales Leadership is the power of the TEAM - Tough Love, Empathy, Appreciation, Motivation.  Most sales leaders unfortunately learn by trial and error. We believe that with the right guidance your sales leaders can be consistently the best. Great Sales Leadership is something learned and it is truly and art.

Sales Leadership Coaching

Being a Sales Leader is not easy. 9 out of 10 times top sales people are put in Sales Leadership positions with little to no management experience. Our Sales Leadership Coaching packages, help new and seasoned Sales Leaders with that outside help and support that is vital to progression.

Individual and Sales Team Coaching

We have a wide variety of coaching packages available from individual to team. We have a variety of packages available. For Small to Midsize businesses or for those businesses that have a just a few or even only one rep in a country, Individual coaching can greatly assist the business develop, whilst resources can be tight.

Commercial Leadership Coaching

What is the difference between a Sales Leader and Commercial Leader? A Commercial Leader now has to have visibility and ownership of all aspects of commercial success within an organisation: Profitability, Sales, Revenue and Retention. No longer is 'Just about Sales'. If you are new to this area, having a Commercial Leadership Coach can be of great benefit to help support you.

Life and Business Coaching

As we develop in our careers it can be difficult to understand where our natural flow is in life. Often times we are a person of all seasons, but the truth is, finding our natural flow and utilising our passion and energies that are best suited to us is where we find true success. Our Life and Business coaches are 'Best in Class' to help you find your natural fit.