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Sales Transformation

"Confused Sales People Don't Sell and Confused Buyer's Don't Buy"

Where are you and your team at on the spectrum of success?

Selling is an Art and having a Sales Culture within an organisation where people are engaging with their clients in a healthy, productive manner that helps the customer as well as increase sales is critical.



Sales Audit

We provide a wide variety of Sales Audits to "What is going well" and "Even better if..." and provide our recommendations based on over 25 years of experience.

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Strategy

Sales Training

We provide a wide variety of sales training programmes based on your individual and organisational requirements. Whether it be new business development, account management, strategic global account management, retention or professional services sales mindset, we can deliver a programme to best suit your requirements.

  • Sales Team
  • Sales Leadership
  • Professional Services
  • Strategic Account Management and Entrenchment
  • Retention
  • Networking
  • LinkedIn / Social Media

Sales Coaching

We provide individual sales, sales team and sales leadership coaching. Our coaching team comes from a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds to ensure that your coach is matched best with you or your team members. Having an external coach provides that voice of experience and that outside person to talk through issues with and it can be one of the most valuable services to retain and grow employees. Coaching can also be utilised to help those people that may be struggling to acheive their true potential. 

  • Sales Person
  • Sales Leader
  • Women in Sales
  • Life Coaching

Sales Enablement Programs

Creating strong sustainable blended learning programs is our passion. We will come in, analyze the situation, create a sustainable program and deploy a solution that embraces an blended learning approach with online (self-serve), webinar and face-to-face components. This program will be bespoke to your needs to 'move the needle' in your sales organization.